Sharpening requires the use of whetstones used in the correct sequence in order to impart an effective and durable edge. The right polishing stone used at the right time means the difference between a smooth razor keenness versus a toothier “bite.” And the choice of which edge you want depends on what you use the knife for. Bernal Cutlery is happy to consult on all knives before sharpening. Prices and turnaround times can be found here.


Bernal Cutlery offers classes in Japanese whetstone sharpening for individuals and small groups on a weekly basis. Owner Josh Donald has been leading sharpening classes since 2008 and enjoys working with students at all skill levels; stones are provided. Bernal Cutlery is also proud to host knife skills classes featuring our resident sharpeners, all of whom have professional culinary backgrounds: Sam Rezendes leads an introductory western knife skills class while Taka Tozawa illuminates the special Japanese techniques required for fish break down as well as single bevel vegetable technique. For schedule, descriptions, and prices, click here.

Knife Selection

Bernal Cutlery’s primary focus is on importing hand made Japanese knives and smaller run factory production knives. We bring in knives from Yoshikazu Ikeda , Akifusa , Ashi Hamono , Konosuke Sakai , Sakai Kikumori , Toshihiro Wakui , Mutsumi Hinoura , Tsukasa Hinoura , Yoshikane , Ohishi , and Fujiwara Teruyasu . We look for knives which offer superior performance and are within reach of most sharpeners to properly maintain good edges. Vintage and antique knives for cooks and butchers, tableware, Scandinavian outdoor and work knives. Vintage and antique pocket knives as well as collectibles are always in supply at Bernal Cutlery, along with new production of classic French knives (and new old stock whenever available) from K Sabatier .

All knives sold at Bernal Cutlery come with a free follow-up sharpening. A basic sharpening tutorial is also always available. Our knives are sourced with the budgets of a wide variety of industry professionals and home cooks in mind.


Bernal Cutlery owner Josh Donald offers custom appraisals of vintage and antique knives, both individual pieces and large collections, including auction houses. Appraisals include history and current approximate value and are available by appointment only.

Photo by Molly DeCoudreaux