Good knives, especially Japanese, are both beautiful and high performance, so can be a little high strung. During sharpening, each stone has its own important role to play in the process and using the proper sequence of them is key. Otherwise the finished edge will be missing an important characteristic. Choosing the right polishing stone to finish an edge is important because certain stones leave a smooth razor keenness while others a toothier “bite.” Knives can be brought into the store or dropped off at a number of convenient locations around the city. Locations, prices and turnaround times can be found here.



Knife skills—including introductory and basic as well as specific ones for fish breakdown, sashimi and vegetables—are offered along with others that focus in on sharpening and safety. For schedule, descriptions, and prices, click here.


Japanese Knives

Bernal Cutlery focuses on new Japanese knives both hand and small factory made including Ashi Hamono, Yoshikane, Sakai Konosuke, Asai, Sakai Kikumori, MAC, Fujitake, and more. We source our knives to fit a variety of preferences and budgets and always with an eye towards performance and value. We offer free honbazuke first sharpening for all our knives and for those with a good out of the box edge a free return sharpening. For a list of some of our knives, descriptions, and prices, click here.


Vintage Knives

Bernal Cutlery offers a constantly changing selection of refurbished recent, vintage and antique knives from around the world: chef and butcher knives, including vintage and antique pocket knives. Always in top condition, the Bernal Cutlery stock is constantly revolving. For a list of our current selection, click here.