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Fall 2012

Fall brings us new batches of knives, and congrats to Taka for his one year anniversary with Bernal Cutlery! We are happy to get in some of the knives that were being made for us this summer from Ashi Hamono (Sakai City Osaka) and Yoshikane (Sanjo in Niigata). Some old favorites are back in stock; the 240 […]

Chris’s knives- Dispatched from Avedano’s

Once again, from the lovely media fairy….           

Mr. Leon’s knife-Life of a Knife series # 5

‘It’s everyone’s knife’. Leon showing his mad knife skills making fruit salad.  

Lisa’s knife is #4

The Life of the Knife, a series about knives and the people that work with them.  

Tim Archuleta’s Knife-Life of the Knife #3

Tim Archuleta from ICHI sushi knows a thing or two about sharp knives, at his busy sushi bar ICHI sushi Tim spends the better part of the day with his yanagi. Loved for the quality and creativity of his sushi, compliments from Tim for our work is truly an honor.     

A Family Cook’s Knife

Next up in the Life of the Knife series is Tisch, a home cook who has the tough job of cooking for two toddlers. Cooking for kids can be like cooking for a pack of hungry animals… that talk and insist that you are a short order cook… who, then, turn into the harshest restaurant […]

Do you sharpen your knives yourself?

Do you sharpen your knives yourself?

People (might / should / could possibly) ask me, why are you nagging your customers to sharpen their knives themselves? Aren’t you in the business of sharpening knives? Are you lazy? Soft headed? No friend, soft hearted. As your kindly neighborhood sharpener (we really lack a good word for one who sharpens in English) I […]



Welcome to Bernal Cutlery’s first blog posting for our new website. We have finished the physical expansion of our spot at 331 Cortland, including a new sharpening table for our new sharpeners in residence, Taka, and Tagg. These guys are helping me keep up with sharpening. Each bring their own unique experience and expertise having […]