Knife Sharpening


Do you require a smooth razor keenness or a toothier bite? Choosing the right stone and using it at the right time are key in producing a sharp and durable edge for the desired use of the knife

Bernal Cutlery specializes in Japanese whetstone sharpening and finishing using techniques that provide edges that are sharper, longer lasting and require far less metal removal than dry grinders and belt sanders, which are too aggressive and remove unnecessary amounts of the blade and often mar the knife with scratches and other scarring in the process.

Time-honored Japanese Whetstone techniques mean that we use a variety of grit sizes before we finish by hand with a modified version of an old fashioned Barber’s strop. Japanese whetstones are not only the preferred sharpening medium for fine Japanese knives, but are superior for all types of cutlery.

Turn around time is typically between 3 and 6 days, but rush/same day service is available by appointment. Knives can be dropped off at the store at the corner of Guerrero and 18th, mailed-in, or dropped off at one of our convenient drop-off locations. Same-day sharpening appointments can be made by selecting the desired date from the Sharpening Calendar at the bottom of this page.

Prices, Drop Offs, and Turnaround Times

$1.50 per inch ($4 minimum)
$5 and up for folding knives
* Additional charge for bolster or re-shaping if needed.

Garden Tools
$12 hand pruners and shears
$18 loppers and hedge clippers
$25 push mowers – please bring to 593 Guerrero only

Traditional Japanese Single Bevel
$3 an inch (starting price)

Scissors & Shears
Craft $5-$10
Fabric $10-$25
Hair $15 + flat bevel
Hair $35 + convex grind

Mail-In and Outside Drop-Offs

We make it easy on you. To mail, just download the mail-in sharpening form below and read the instructions illustrating how to best to pack your knives. Mail them to us and we’ll get them back to you generally within a week.

Or we also offer monthly drop-off and pick up service Marina Meats across town in the Marina. Dull knives dropped off before 2 pm on the first Tuesday of the month and can be picked the following Saturday. No oversized garden tools or push mowers, please!


Sharpening by appointment available for food, hair, landscaping, and other industry professionals whose cutting tools are in daily use. Contact for more information.

Photo by Molly DeCoudreaux