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Ashi Hamono 300mm Wa-Sujihiki White #2 Carbon Steel with Saya

Ashi Hamono was established in 1948 in Sakai City Japan, a major center of traditional knife making. Ashi makes knives utilizing a one piece (rather than forge laminated 2/3 layer blade) or zenkou construction. Ashi’s Ginga line is famous for it’s thinness and precision, utilizing top quality Japanese carbon steel and Swedish stainless steel. Ashi knives have an excellent attention to detail from their forging, grinding, heat treatment and hafting.

Also called sujibiki, a double beveled “western style” slicing knife in the traditional yanagiba geometry, generally used as a western style slicer (or French style tranchelard) for meat and boneless fish. Popular with sushi chefs for making rolls, the yanagi is better for cutting sashimi but is too thick for cutting rolls and the harder blade of the yanagi can chip on hard nori. A sujihiki can be used for carving cooked or raw meat, or as a narrow chef knife as the blade is wide enough to contact the cutting board along it’s entire length.Wa handle or Japanese style handle is a one piece octagonal Japanese magnolia Ho wood handle with a horn ferrule ring for added strength.

White steel is a high grade carbon steel loved for it’s fine grain and ability to take a very fine razor sharp edge and to hone easily. Named for the color of the tag put on the billets at the Hitachi steel mill. White steel is a low contaminate steel (sulphur and phosphorus being the main ones) which is a favorite of sushi chefs for knives in which a very fine finish is essential. Not the easiest steel to forge and temper properly, white steel done well is a testimony to a smith’s skill.

109 grams 260mm tip to chin 271mm tip to machi 406mm overall 37mm wide at chin
All knives sold by Bernal Cutlery include a free Japanese whetstone sharpening. For knives with a good out of the box sharpness this can either be redeemed at our shop or by mail in with our sharpening coupon and $5 return postage (we are happy to split the difference for return shipping charges). For knives with a less than perfect factory edge the free sharpening can be redeemed before leaving the shop or before shipping. Some vintage and antique knives are left unsharpened and it is not uncommon for new French knives to arrive with a very basic edge from the factory. With either vintage or French knives if you would like your free sharpening please inquire at the time of purchase.

Price : $335.00

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