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Konosuke Sakai 270mm Kiritsuke Yanagi Fujiyama White #2 Octagonal Ho Handle

Konosuke Sakai (pr. Ko-no-skay) is the newest branch of the Kawamura family knife making business Kaneshige Cutlery specializing in the fine hand made knives in the Sakai City tradition since 1932.

Konosuke Sakai knives represent some of the finest knife making in Sakai City; famous for the high quality hand made professional quality knives. Konsuke knives are an innovative blend of traditional materials, designs and techniques with new steels and designs always made with the exacting standards of the best Sakai craftsmanship.

Our Konosuke knives are made to order for us and arrive in small batches, if you don’t see what you are interested in, feel free to inquire as to what is being made for us.

Price : $395.00

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