Sakai Kikumori 300mm Sujihiki Nihon-kou Carbon Steel

300mm sujihiki Sakai Kikumori carbon steel  knife made with proprietory Nihon-Kou (“Japanese steel”) .95% carbon high carbon steel hardened to HRC 62/63. Tough, easy to sharpen to a razor your sharp edge.

Great for vegetables and fruit, boneless meat and fish, the thin blade wedges very little making for smooth controlled cutting.  Avoid bones, had shells and pits, also not suited for cutting large blocks of chocolate or cheese

Keep in mind that the blade is not stainless and must be washed and dried after use, avoid soaking or dishwashers. Some foods can be more reactive than others and a dry towel is good to have on hand during large amounts of cutting to wipe and dry blade.

Price : $178.00

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