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Tosa Machinokajiya hand forged165mm Nakiri Iron & Carbon Steel Kuro-Uchi finish

Made in Tosa on Shikoku island, a traditional vegetable knife with a thin double beveled rectangular blade; one of the older Japanese knife designs. The thin blade wedges very little during chopping and is ideal for vegetables which will be chopped rather than sliced. Blades vary in thickness from extremely thin to the average thickness of a santoku, the thinner the more precise but the more delicate.

This knife is hand forged with a iron jigane cladding for tensile strength (iron will not hold an edge but resists snapping) with a center hagane layer of a hard high carbon steel.

Handle is a unassuming Japanese magnolia with a nylon ferrule. Japanese magnolia or Ho wood is light but resists rot very nicely.

Wipe dry after use and keep this out of the dishwasher, this knife is not stainless and will rust if not treated right. It comes with a lacquer coating which can be removed if desired.

165mm long cutting edge, 51mm wide 318mm overall:
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All knives sold by Bernal Cutlery include a free Japanese whetstone sharpening. For knives with a good out of the box sharpness this can either be redeemed at our shop or by mail in with our sharpening coupon and $5 return postage (we are happy to split the difference for return shipping charges). For knives with a less than perfect factory edge the free sharpening can be redeemed before leaving the shop or before shipping. Some vintage and antique knives are left unsharpened and it is not uncommon for new French knives to arrive with a very basic edge from the factory. With either vintage or French knives if you would like your free sharpening please inquire at the time of purchase.

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