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Tsukasa Hinoura set: 180mm Nakiri and 210 Gyuto ‘River Jump’ Half Twist Suminagashi

Hand forged, finished and sharpened in Sanjo Niigata Japan by third generation knifemaker Tsukasa Hinoura. Hinoura-San uses no modern machinery in the production of his knives, from the forging of the jigane to the final whetstone finish traditional materials and techniques are employed.

This series ‘River Jump’ is made with a #2 white steel core and an iron cladding forged with an unusual half twist design, rather than the more common sandwiched layering of a hon kasumi knife this series is made with the hagane cutting layer core with the iron jigane folded around it.

Hinoura-San is famous for his heat treatments as well as the beauty of his forging, so much of what a knife does comes down to geometry and heat treatment, both of which are amazingly refined in this series, a distal taper and fine long bevel make for smooth cutting and great edge life. It should be emphasized that these are not stainless and must be kept dry and oiled when not in use.

We are proud to offer this series of knives by Hinoura-San, they are not available to most sellers and we feel honored to carry  them

Nakiri is a traditional vegetable knife with a thin double beveled rectangular blade; one of the older Japanese knife designs. The thin blade wedges very little during chopping and is ideal for vegetables which will be cut with a slicing chop, the flatter edge design of the nakiri allows for the entire blade to contact the cutting board quickly making fast work possible.

Gyuto, or the Japanese version of the French chef knife, are most at home with vegetables but can be used for a wide range of jobs, thin and precise they cut smoothly and wedge less than thicker knives.

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