Yoshikane 120mm Ajikiri Deba SKD / Stainless Steel D Ho Handle

Made in Niigata Japan Yoshikane is a family business, Mr Tsuneo Yoshida a third generation bladesmith forges traditional Japanese and western style knives with his two nephews Kazuimi and Masashi. Forged with a soft 405 stainless steel cladding with tsuchime hammer markings (jigane) and a hard SKD tool steel core (higane) making the cutting edge. SKD was originally formulated for metal cutting applications and holds a razor sharp edge for a long time, it is tempered to HRC 64. They are finished with a nice attention to detail with a rounded polished spine.

A traditional single beveled heavy knife used for breaking down and filleting fish. As the Japanese diet encompasses a wide array of fish there are a wire array of sizes and weights of debas, these are made with makeral The single bevel acts as a guide during filleting and provides reduced drag and friction helping to preserve the integrity of the meat.

Wa handle or Japanese style handle is a one piece wood handle with a ferrule ring at the blade / handle junction for added strength. Japanese magnolia or ‘Ho’ wood is a very commonly used wood as it resists rot very well although many other woods are used as well as ferrule materials from nylon to horn to exotic hardwoods. Wa literally translates to ‘Japanese’, it is a traditional Japanese handle design most often associated with fish knives


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