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Yoshikane V-tokko 270mm Yanagi

Made in Niigata Japan, Yoshikane was started in 1919 and remains a family business. All knives are forged and finished by hand.

Blade has a V-tokko hagane cutting edge layer and an iron jigane cladding. V-tokku is a carbon steel made by Takefu Specialty Steel and is very similar to blue steel, it’s fine grain is capable of taking an incredibly fine edge and holding it for a long time.

The handle on this knife is a d-shaped Japanese magnolia with a water buffalo horn ferrule. Japanese magnolia (or ho wood) is naturally rot and warp resistant.

A traditional single beveled Japanese knife designed primarily for the precise slicing of fish. The geometry of the single bevel allows for a very fine edge angle and allows for less friction when slicing fish than a thinner double beveled knife. When properly used the yanagiba ‘peels’ the slices away reducing pulling apart and damaging of the cells reducing oxidization and maintaining the freshness of the fish. Yanagiba can also be used for katsuramuki vegetable peeling in the same fashion as a single beveled usuba vegetable knife.

Price : $250.00

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