Yoshikane Suminagashi V2 95mm Petty

Made in Niigata Japan, Yoshikane was started in 1919 and remains a family business. All knives are forged and finished by hand.

Blade has a V2 hagane cutting edge layer and a carbon steel and iron suminagashi jigane cladding. V2 is a carbon steel made by Takefu Specialty Steel and is very similar to #2 white steel, it’s fine grain is capable of taking an incredibly fine edge.

The handle on this knife is a half octagon half oval Japanese magnolia with double water buffalo horn ferrules. Japanese magnolia (or ho wood) is naturally rot and warp resistant.

Literally ‘floating ink’ a Japanese damascus steel made with several types of metal forge welded together creating varying patterns depending on how it is treated. Varying from a simple stacked layer structure to a wild or geometric patterned structure, suminagashi differs from the layered steel created in sword making in that it is not a homogenous metal folded to create the pattern. The artistry involved the forging of suminagashi can be quite impressive.
Petty knives can fall into several general camps depending on their geometry, narrow ones as small slicers wider ones as small chef knife which can be used for chopping. Great for cutting smaller items which would be otherwise cut with the tip end of a chef knife, the shorter blade makes for easier precise cutting of small items.

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