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Yoshikane V2 Suminagashi Deba 180mm

Made in Niigata Japan, Yoshikane was started in 1919 and remains a family business. All knives are forged and finished by hand.

Blade has a V2 hagane cutting edge layer and a carbon steel and iron suminagashi jigane cladding. V2 is a carbon steel made by Takefu Specialty Steel and is very similar to #2 white steel, it’s fine grain is capable of taking an incredibly fine edge.

The handle on this knife is a half octagon half oval Japanese magnolia with double water buffalo horn ferrules. Japanese magnolia (or ho wood) is naturally rot and warp resistant.

Literally ‘floating ink’ a Japanese damascus steel made with several types of metal forge welded together creating varying patterns depending on how it is treated. Varying from a simple stacked layer structure to a wild or geometric patterned structure, suminagashi differs from the layered steel created in sword making in that it is not a homogenous metal folded to create the pattern. The artistry involved the forging of suminagashi can be quite impressive.

A traditional single beveled heavy knife used for breaking down and filleting fish. As the Japanese diet encompasses a wide variety of fish there are a wire array of sizes and weights of debas. The single bevel acts as a guide during filleting and provides reduced drag and friction helping to preserve the integrity of the meat.

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