Welcome to Bernal Cutlery’s first blog posting for our new website. We have finished the physical expansion of our spot at 331 Cortland, including a new sharpening table for our new sharpeners in residence, Taka, and Tagg. These guys are helping me keep up with sharpening. Each bring their own unique experience and expertise having worked as sushi chefs for over 10 years.



There are a lot of new knives in from Japan which we are really excited about, and have been getting a great reception and workout from local chefs and home cooks. Quite a few those knives have come back in for their free sharpening and it has been enlightening to see how they hold up with heavy use and how honing has been for their new owners. All the knives have held up to their reputations and then some, we are discovering the understatement of many makers in regards to their standards of high quality… A big bonus that nobody has had their new Japanese knife go on coconut duty by late night guests or on kindling splitting duty from visiting family members.

It’s been fun hosting knife skills classes with local chefs in addition to our Japanese whetstone sharpening classes and will be in cahoots with some folks to offer a new knife skills class for kids. Stay tuned for more great classes and let us know if you want to teach a knife skills class, pitch us an idea!

Bernal Cutlery is happy to announce new pick up and drop off locations as well, if your schedule doesn’t permit you to visit during our regular hours during the week or you want to get a bunch done in one trip outside of Bernal Heights feel free to visit Mission Cheese at 738 Valencia open 11-8 Tues-Sun (sit down and try one of their sandwiches, but you will regret it, you’ll be Jonesing for one later….) We are also excited to be in talks working towards offering our pick up and drop off service through Olivier’s Butchery in the new year. Olivier’s Butchery is at 1074 Illinois St. (12-6Wed-Fri) in the Dogpatch neighborhood. Olivier’s Butchery is an old fashioned French boucherie specializing in traditional French (as well as American) cuts of sustainably raised meat sourced by the owner Olivier Cordier, who comes from a long line of ranchers and butchers in Burgundy France.

We have several exciting parcels on their way from France and Japan I write, as well as a big load of vintage knives on consignment that are in the process of being restored ………come by the shop or check back on the website for our new finds.