It’s true that knives can be dangerous, but they also reflect the evolution of our creative relationship with food and cooking, and through that, our relationship with the world that sustains us.

About Bernal Cutlery

We offer sharpening, Japanese knives, French knivesvintage knives, classes, and much more.

Bernal Cutlery opened for business in 2005 and specializes in all things knife related. Using time-honored Japanese Whetstone grinding techniques—and finishing by hand with a modified version of an old fashioned Barber’s strop—it offers peerless sharpening services, as well as very high caliber new knives, collectable and vintage models, classes in care and sharpening as well as hosting sessions on knife skills.

This sharpening approach results in edges that are sharper, longer lasting and produce far less metal removal making for less wear on the knife. As opposed to fast but aggressive dry grinders and belt sanders, which remove unnecessary amounts of metal and are prone to producing enough heat to ruin a blade, often producing ugly scratches and marks in the process. Japanese whetstones not only are the preferred sharpening medium for fine Japanese knives but are superior for all types of cutlery.

Josh Donald’s experience working with blades moves along the historical record—from working with stone and wood while studying sculpture, to years spent pouring metal at a foundry, and finally working with steel and knives since the mid-90s.

Josh and his team have tens of thousands of hours worth of experience in sharpening Japanese, French, and Western knives. This experience allows them to custom fit the best type of edge-angles and finishes to each knife and customer.

Professional Chefs, dedicated home cooks, and collectors have come to Bernal Cutlery to either purchase or care for their valued knives and tools. Visit it’s newest incarnation at 766 Valencia Street in San Francisco and 308 40th Street in Oakland.

Photo by Molly DeCoudreaux