Bernal Cutlery’s sharpening service is centered around Japanese whetstone sharpening utilizing modern synthetic and traditional natural Japanese stones as well as a variety of mechanized sharpening mediums. All sharpening is done by hand by experienced sharpeners with an eye towards getting the best possible performing edge for your knife or tool. We are more than happy to consult on all sharpening before work.

We do not sharpen the following: cuticle nippers, hair shears or items whose sole purpose is as a weapon such as swords or double edged daggers. Prices and turnaround times can be found here.


Owner Josh Donald has been leading sharpening classes since 2008 and enjoys working with students at all skill levels. A variety of classes for beginners, intermediate and more advanced sharpeners are available at the new workshop and class space at 766 Valencia Street.

Bernal Cutlery is also proud to host knife skills classes run by our resident sharpeners, who bring their varied experiences to bear in their knife skills classes.  For schedule, descriptions, and prices, click here.

Knife Selection

Bernal Cutlery’s primary focus is on importing handmade Japanese knives and smaller run factory production knives. We are proud to offer knives imported directly from Japan from Yoshikazu Ikeda, Ashi Hamono, Konosuke Sakai, Sakai Kikumori, Toshihiro Wakui, Mutsumi Hinoura, Tsukasa Hinoura, Yoshikane, Jikko Sakai, Kitaoka and Fujiwara Teruyasu among others. We look for knives which offer superior performance and are within reach of most sharpeners to properly maintain good edges themselves. Bernal Cutlery offers handmade knives made in the United States from Shi•Han fine knives and Silverthorn Knives.

Bernal Cutlery also brings in knives from the Robert Herder company whose Windmuehlenmesser brand knives are made in Solingen Germany utilizing highly skilled hand work techniques that have been nearly abandoned in Solingen for higher production mechanized techniques. We also import traditional French culinary knives from K Sabatier in Thiers France, the center of French knifemaking. K Sabatier is the oldest continually operated of the many current and defunct “Sabatier” brands, they are in their 8th generation of knifemaking.

Vintage and antique knives are another specialty of Bernal Cutlery; culinary knives from around the world as well as pocket and outdoor knives are always in supply as well as reasonably priced second hand kitchen knives.

All knives sold at Bernal Cutlery come with a free follow-up sharpening. A basic sharpening tutorial is also often available as we are generally always sharpening at our shop, for a more in-depth look into sharpening take a look at our sharpening classes.

Bernal Cutlery owner Josh Donald offers custom appraisals of vintage and antique knives, both individual pieces and large collections, including for auction houses. Appraisals include history and current approximate value and are available by appointment only.


Photo by Molly DeCoudreaux