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Japanese Knives

Yoshikazu Ikeda, Ashi Hamono, Konosuke Sakai, Sakai Kikumori, Toshihiro Wakui, Mutsumi Hinoura, Tsukasa Hinoura, Yoshikane, Jikko Sakai, Shi Han, Kitaoka, Fujiwara Teruyasu, Tojiro —

Robert-Herder Windmuehlenmesser Knives

Robert Herder Windmuehlenmesser knives are hand-made in Solingen, Germany, utilizing old hand-work techniques. There is no excess steel on the blades, and the slight convexity makes for reduced friction and sticking during cutting.

Vintage Knives

We have a collection of vintage and antique culinary knives from around the world as well as pocket and outdoor knives which show a unique history of the craft.

Kitchen Tools & Accessories

Bernal Cutlery offers a wide variety of stones, knife rolls, aprons, t-shirts, hoodies, pot holders, tweezers, and other kitchen tools to keep you working smoothly. We have items that are great for professionals as well as home cooks.