CLASSES @ 766 Valencia Street

Photo by Molly DeCoudreaux

All classes are given at our main location —766 Valencia St. between 18th and 19th.

Knife skills— Japanese style fish breakdown and Japanese and Western-style vegetable knife skills classes—are offered along with Japanese whetstone sharpening. All classes are small and hands-on instruction.

Everyday Western Knife Skills

Students in this class will be covering technique, knife skills, mise en place, and how to utilize restaurant prep tactics in the home kitchen. Sharp knives are supplied.

Price: $75 contact Sam to register:
Date: email to coordinate a Saturday
Time: 6:30-8:30 PM
Location: Bernal Cutlery Workshop at 766 Valencia St.
Class Size: 4-6 students

*Born and raised on the West coast, Sam Rezendes has been working in restaurants for over 10 years. Starting his career washing dishes in Port Townsend, WA, he has since worked in restaurants in Portland and San Francisco, most recently State Bird Provisions. He draws influence and inspiration from extensive travels in Asia and Europe. He also likes to sharpen knives and play bass.

Whetstone Sharpening Classes
**if you don’t see a date that works for you but can organize up to 5 others, you can book out a 2-hour spot with Josh. Please email to inquire.


Introduction to whetstone sharpening (beginning primer) knife sharpening.

Students will learn the core techniques of sharpening a chef knife with whetstones. Knives and stones will be provided by Bernal Cutlery. $85

Please note that our San Francisco shop moved to 766 Valencia St.

For evening classes please click on the date to register.

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Intermediate Japanese whetstone sharpening expanded double bevel techniques for hand-forged Japanese knives. $85 TBA

After taking the intro class student can sign up for a class that will expand on the basic techniques of edge formation to work on thinning and reprofiling a hand-forged Japanese knife with a kireba as  well as improving edge formation skills. Knives and stones supplied by Bernal Cutlery. The prerequisite for this class is the beginning class. If you feel like you don’t have to take the intro class, feel free to email to inquire.

Introduction to single bevel sharpening with deba. $85 TBA

Students will learn the basic techniques of sharpening a traditional Japanese single bevel knife, students will learn the fundamentals with a deba knife. Knives and stones supplied by Bernal Cutlery.

*Josh Donald has logged in over 10,000 hours of sharpening as the proprietor of Bernal Cutlery and Author of Sharp. Josh spends a lot of time researching old knives and trying out his newest Japanese, French, and vintage finds in his home kitchen to the delight of his wife Kelly, and often to the consternation of his children. And like Albert Einstein, Josh owns 12 identical sets of the same outfit and has never paid for a haircut.

Honesuki Kaku Knife Chicken Primer (Japanese Poultry Knife) 

In this introduction to butchery class, you will learn anatomy and the basic technique for break-down of a chicken. Students will learn how to de-bone, the differences between the various portions as well as a primer into stock/bone broth making. Students will leave the classes with prepared meat for cooking and the bones and veggies needed to make stock.  Students will learn knife skills and practice using a Japanese boning knife known as Honesuki.

*Tim moved to San Francisco to work at Avedano’s in Bernal Heights after working as a line cook in Orange County. He spent years as a butcher learning whole animal butchery, sausage making, and charcuterie. When he is not sharpening knives he enjoys photography and cooking.

Price: $95 contact Tim to register:
Date: email to coordinate a date
Class Size: 3-4 students


Japanese Knife Skills: Breaking Down Fish

Taught by Taka Tozawa, this class covers traditional Japanese Deba knife skills necessary in breaking down a whole fish and everything from scaling and cleaning to cutting the fillets and how to utilize the entire fish. The Deba knife offers a much wider range of applications than the flexible fillet knife, utilizing more of the fish, and students will be able to take home the fruits of their labor. Student work individually with Taka to help them learn the proper technique and will also focus on teaching how to work safer, cleaner and faster.  Deba is provided for students who do not have one. Please specify if you are left-handed. Prepayment only to hold your and cancellations with 48-hour notice will receive a refund.

Price: Fish breakdown $120. Contact Taka to register:
Dates: Email for openings
Time: 6:00 pm
Location: Bernal Cutlery 766 Valencia Street, SF, CA
Class Size: 3 students

Knife Skills: Vegetables

This class is taught by Taka Tozawa and covers Japanese style vegetable preparation and garnish knife skills using a single beveled yanagiba (most commonly used with sashimi preparation) including katsuramuki peeling technique using cucumber, daikon and apples. The Japanese vegetable garnish knife technique brings out the vegetable’s flavor and is designed to work with and improve texture. Taka will focus on knife technique which will help the student to work safer faster and cleaner. Taka will provide a yanagiba to students who do not have one, please specify if you are left-handed. Prepayment only to hold your and cancellations with 48-hour notice will receive a refund.

Price:  $100. Contact Taka to register:
Dates: Email for openings
Time: 6:00 pm
Location:Bernal Cutlery 766 Valencia Street, SF, CA
Class Size: 3 students

*Both of the above classes are taught by Sushi Chef, Taka Tozawa, a native of Tokyo, Japan who has lived in San Francisco for over 10 years. Taka’s family came from Tohoku in the north of Japan where the local food made a big impression as a child. He began cooking with his mom when he was 10 which set him on the road to working as a professional cook for many years.