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Jiro Drawing Spring 2024

Jiro Drawing Spring 2024

Jiro knives are hand warikomi forged, ground and finished according to old techniques by hand, there are little industrial processes employed, therefore not many knives are produced but the quality is top notch. Jiro's water quenched temper and careful heat treatments are exceptional and the edge formation and retention excellent with a great sharpenability.

Please read all of the following as grief counseling will not be provided. Extra requirements and strict adherence to rules brought to you by proxy bots.

Enter the Spring 2024 Drawing to be selected have the opportunity to buy the Jiro 210mm Wa Gyuto Shirogami 1 Taihei Tagayasan Handle #548 listed below. The drawing will be open for entry from 3/10-3/13. One knife per person per submission.

Selected buyers will be chosen at random. One entry per person. Any apparent duplicate entries will be eliminated from contention. This includes any apparent duplication across all information fields.

Name drawing will begin on 3/13 and potential buyers will be contacted progressively until the knife is claimed and purchased.

Potential buyers will be contacted via email and given 24 hours to respond and purchase using the billing information provided on the form. Potential buyers will be sent an invoice using the information on the form. International buyers must be prepared to use PayPal as the purchase method due to our system not allowing for invoices to be sent internationally for credit card purchase due to fluctuating exchange rates.

Any changes to information will void eligibility. Any incomplete submissions will void eligibility. Failure to respond in 24 hours will void eligibility. Any other payment methods used for purchase will be cancelled and refunded without notice. We reserve the right to make any other necessary decisions to retain the integrity of this process.

The knife is listed as sold out to prevent errant purchases. It is available through participation in this drawing.

Please direct questions to info@bernalcutlery.com. Complaints will be printed and put on the fridge.

To enter the drawing fill out the THIS FORM. There is no other form of entry.

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