Benchmade Bluelube Cleaner 4oz.

Benchmade Bluelube Cleaner 4oz.


Cleans: Removes all foulings and contaminates by better penetration. Benchmade uses the safest industrial grade solvents and inert additives. 

Protects: Provides a thin protective skin to seal out moisture and repel the small amount of contaminates that may remain. Makes for easier repeat cleaning, plus is now formulated to last longer.

Lubricates: Its DRY solid base reduces friction and wear. It will not build up, become stock, freeze, or flash off. It endures the test of time. 

Caution: Keep closed when not in use. Store in original, properly marked container only. Wear eye protection while using. Use in well ventilated area. Supervise children and pets. 

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