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Signed but Not Delivered


If your package was sent with signature requirement and has been marked as delivered, signed for by an unfamiliar name/initial on the tracking information page and has not been received, you are not alone and your package will probably arrive very soon.

During the early stages of COVID-19 social distancing, USPS drivers were given the ability to sign for a package if the recipient did not want to physically sign for it themselves.

Since then, we are seeing numerous occurrences of packages being signed for with a name or initials and COVID, CV19, C19 or something similar in situations where the drivers are unable to actually deliver the package. It is unclear why they are still being marked as delivered, but what we do know is that almost always, the package arrives the next day or the next delivery day.

To check and see how your package was signed for, go to the USPS Tracking page associated with your order and open the Proof of Delivery option. Fill out the form and you will be emailed a PDF that will show a scan of the signature used. If it includes COVID, CCOVID, CV19, C19 or anything similar, please wait a few days to see if your package arrives, or call your local post office for the most up-to-date information.

If you have concerns over this practice, please speak to the carrier on your route or contact your local post office directly as we do not have any control or influence over these occurrences.

If your package is more than 7 days late after the tracking information updates, or is marked as signed for and delivered and does not arrive within 7 days, please contact me directly: kyle@bernalcutlery.com

If your package is truly unaccounted for, we can help. We send all packages with shipping insurance coverage (unless opted our of) and we can file a claim beginning 20 days after shipment for domestic orders, or 40 days for international orders. Once filed, we can issue a reshipment or refund of your order.

Thank you for your kindness, patience and understanding as we all navigate this busy time. Feel free to contact me at the email above with any questions.

Happy Holidays.

Kyle Cooper
eCom Manager