Chromium Oxide Strop Compound - 50ml

Chromium Oxide Strop Compound - 50ml


Chromium oxide paste in a 50ml size bottle. Ideal compound for deburring and polishing knives finished over 2000 grit. Easier to apply than hard bars made for buffing wheels and a much richer concentration than ingots or watery solutions. It has nice adhesion without being greasy.

Progressive gradient sub micron to several micron blend Japanese made chromium oxide compound in a water based paste. This mix of chromium oxide has variety of abrasive particles formulated for the sole purpose of deburring steel. Just aggressive enough to de-burr without aggressive abrading. The polishing action of this compound is enhanced with the smallest commercially available size.

This has been our favorite paste for de-burring from fine Japanese stones in our busy sharpening service.


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