Corn Mafia Yellow Hominy Grits For All Y’all - 1lb

Corn Mafia Yellow Hominy Grits For All Y’all - 1lb


These corns or O:nenhste as they say in Mohawk, are sourced from landrace, Indigenous farmed or organic sources. Subsequently, a portion of their hearts and/or wallets are devoted to strengthening their Indigenous Farmers, Communities and Onkwehonwe, The People.

The Corn Mafia is the source for small batch hardwood ash washed hominy grits, cornmeal, masa and whole hominy made from Heirloom and indigenous corn. 

Their Longhouse Hominy refers to not only the dwellings that Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) people lived in, but also to the atmosphere and environment that a lot of our foods, belongings and people lived in or were stored in. Longhouses are and were often very smokey places, and they have tried to recreate that feeling and flavor of the past here in their hominy in the here and now. They fire roast their hominy after washing it, to give it their signature taste of the past. Some people think Indigenous foods are or were bland. These products are meant to act as a foil to such unadventurous thoughts. There’s something unique to their hominy, that they proudly share with you in several forms. What’s old is new, what’s old will never leave us.

Ingredients: Nixtamalized Yellow Corn, Hardwood Ash 

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