#533 Ohira Iromono Kan Lv4,Lv4.5
#533 Ohira Iromono Kan Lv4,Lv4.5
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#533 Ohira Iromono Kan Lv4,Lv4.5
#533 Ohira Iromono Kan Lv4,Lv4.5

#533 Ohira Iromono Kan Lv4,Lv4.5


This natural whetstone produces a near mirror polish core steel when polishing wide bevel knives. On damascus/layered steel it produces beautiful contrast to the layers of soft /mild steel cladding. The whetstone works better with lighter pressure and little water. Try it with more water too for a slightly different finish. An aesthetically pleasing whetstone to look at while you hone.

Dimensions: 8" x 3" x 1.375" or 205mm x 78mm x 35mm

Weight: 1322grams

Hardness/Fineness: 4 / 4.5




A ‘Nishi-Mono’ or Western mine that produces some of the highest quality whetstones. This mine is most popular for producing Uchigumori, which is a famous stone type used for sword polishing. For knife users however, we love Ohira Uchigumori to produce a dark jigane and frosty hagane. Ohira mine also produces highly sought after Suita and Tomae stones of various hardness, typically having a fast cutting speed and a toothy yet refined edge.



Iromono is a term that represents a broad range of colors, usually purples, oranges, yellows, and greens. Usually the colors are shown in swirls and waves. A lot of nice Shoubudani and Ohira polishing stones feature Iromono color palettes.



This term refers to ‘rings’ or darker lines streaming through the stone. Typically seen on harder dense stones.