Ashi Hamono 150mm Honesuki Kaku Shirogami #2 Western Handle- on order
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Ashi Hamono 150mm Honesuki Kaku Shirogami #2 Western Handle- on order


Ashi Hamono 150mm honesuki kaku with Shirogami #2 carbon steel blade and western style riveted pakka wood handle. Right Handed. Saya cover is included.

Made right-handed, honesuki kaku are primarily designed for breaking down poultry. This Japanese boning knife has a thick, triangular, self-guarded blade. These type of honesuki are great for sliding through joints and going through smaller bones.

Ashi’s Shirogami #2 knives are some of the lightest, thinnest and easiest to sharpen knives we have come across. Their cutting feel is excellent due to top quality hand grinding, creating convexity on the side of the knife, and making them extra thin behind the edge. They hold their edge quite a bit longer than their stainless counterparts, but will require more maintenance to prevent rusting. Ideal for a home cook or professional that needs thin high performance blade with good sharpen-ability.

Shirogami is a reactive carbon steel. It should be dried immediately after use to avoid rusting. It will patina with normal use. Rust can be removed with a light abrasive.

Ashi Hamono was established in 1948 in Sakai City Japan; a major center of traditional knife making. Ashi makes knives utilizing a one piece of steel (rather than forge laminated 2/3 layer blade), called zenkou construction. Ashi’s Ginga line is famous for it’s thinness and precision, utilizing top quality carbon and stainless steels. These knives have an excellent fit and finish, from their grinding to heat treatment and hafting.

These knifes come from the maker with lacquer on the blade for corrosion protection during shipping. It can be removed using acetone or lacquer thinner (follow manufacturers instructions for use).

If you would like us to remove it prior to shipping, enter "Please remove lacquer" in the +Special Instructions on the Cart page. This could delay shipping by up to 5 days.


Steel Type Shirogami 2
Handle Material Pakka 
Weight 150 g
Height at Heel 38 mm
Overall Length 270 mm
Cutting Edge Length 150 mm
HRC 60-61


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