Bianco DiNapoli - Crushed Tomatoes - 28oz

Bianco DiNapoli - Crushed Tomatoes - 28oz


Bianco DiNapoli Tomatoes are organically grown and harvested on Cliff Fong's family farm in Yolo County, California. Within hours of harvest, these plum-shaped tomatoes are canned, capturing the full freshness of Yolo County. The hand-selected tomatoes are simply packed with a touch of sea salt, organic basil, then topped in its own juices.

An incredibly versatile pantry staple, enjoy these organic peeled tomatoes in your favorite sauce and soup recipes.

Ingredients: whole organic plum tomatoes, basil, sea salt.
28oz can


Pizza maker Chris Bianco first met third generation tomato canner Rob Di Napoli in 2003, Chris was still exclusively using imported Italian San Marzano tomatoes as the base for his pizza sauce. Equally unsatisfied with the quality of the domestic canned offerings on the market, the two turned to multi-generational family farmer Cliff Fong of Yolo County, CA to help create a delicious organic canned tomato.

These tomatoes are a product of long summer days and fertile soil. Cliff's organic plum tomatoes are harvested at the peak of the season, they are the full flavored embodiment of the perfect tomato. These tomatoes are revered by professional chefs and home cooks alike.

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