The Book of Tofu - The Book of Tofu
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The Book of Tofu - The Book of Tofu


This widely acclaimed, bestselling work on a healthful protein powerhouse and solution to world hunger is more than just a great cookbook with 500 recipes from East and West using eight different types of tofu.

It contains instructions for making tofu, soymilk, yuba, and a host of other soyfoods, an illustrated description of making tofu in a Japanese shop, an extensive glossary of Japanese natural foods, detailed nutritional analyses, and a statement of how tofu offers a revolutionary yet simple approach to meeting the world's critical protein requirements; over 125,000 copies in print. Discovered in China more than 2,000 years ago and prepared today in 30,000 shops in Japan alone, tofu is now produced at over 150 shops in North America, where it is widely available.

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