Asaro - Castelvetrano Green Olives - 4.5oz

Asaro - Castelvetrano Green Olives - 4.5oz


The Nocellara del Belice olive is primarily grown in Sicily and in recent years it has become the most sought-after variety of olive in the world. In the United States and elsewhere they are also known as Castelvetrano olives. The Nocellara del Belice has protected designation of origin DOC status in the European Union.

These large, green olives have a mild, buttery flavor that makes them popular table olives, though they are also used to produce olive oil. The end products are “sweet” olives, due to their low salt content, extremely crunchy, with the original deep bright green color.

Ingredients: Green Olives
4.5 oz jar


Family-owned since 1916, the fourth generation of the Asaro family is continuing the commitment to grow the highest-quality natural and organic Sicilian Olives.

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