EDRO Honesuki Maru Saya 150mm - Caramelized With Magnet
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EDRO Honesuki Maru Saya 150mm - Caramelized With Magnet


EDRO Made Honesuki Maru Saya with magnet. North American poplar wood, ebony pin included. Designed for most honesuki maru knives, it measures about 3.5mm at the spine.

**Please be advised that saya are only guaranteed to fit the knife purchased in order. Otherwise all sales are final and no exchanges will be given on saya purchases. Sayas purchased without knife will be sent with the pin and un-drilled.**

The caramelized poplar is heat treated in a controlled atmosphere in order to “cook” the fibers. This process uses a sustained, indirect heat to penetrate all the way through the wood, resulting in a uniform red color throughout.

EDRO Made is based in Portland, OR. Founder Ed Ross spent years as a chef working with Japanese cuisine and culture. He started making saya covers and knife handles for friends in the food industry and developed a passion for woodworking. Built to last, EDRO made saya have thick walls and ample material top to bottom. The medium density of poplar wood offers superior edge protection as well as optimal moisture control, important features for carbon knives. All the wood is sourced 100% from North America, and no chemicals or dyes are used.

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