Hanamaruki - Liquid Shio Koji - 500ml

Hanamaruki - Liquid Shio Koji - 500ml


Hanamaruki's Liquid Shio Koji is a unique and convenient preparation of traditional shio koji. Hanamaruki makes shio koji, places it in a sake bag and then presses it to get only the enzyme-rich liquid. You can use this to marinate meats, season broths or even add to meatballs or gyoza filling.

To marinate a protein, add 10% of the weight of the protein in liquid shio koji. In other words, to marinate 100 grams of meat, add 10 grams of liquid shio koji.

Ingredients: rice, water, salt, ethyl alcohol

Hanamaruki Foods is a large miso manufacturer founded almost 100 year ago. Their unique preparation of shio koji is wonderful for adding umami to many dishes.

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