Hitohira SW 210mm Gyuto Swedish Stainless - Tsuchime


Hitohira Imojiya 210mm gyuto with Swedish stainless steel core with tsuchime (hammermarked) stainless cladding. Imitation mahogany pakka wood western style riveted handle. HRC 58/59.

Similar to the nearly identical VG10 Gold knives also made in Seki City these Swedish stainless steel knives are easier to sharpen, have excellent edge formation taking really nice edges. Although they need a little bit more frequent sharpening they make for a low maitenence work-horse. Hitohira Imojiya Swedish Stainless series has good thin wide bevel grinds, a tsuchime (hammermark) finish on the damascus layered cladding, and a riveted pakka wood handle.