K Sabatier 12" Slicer 'Authentique' Carbon Steel - Olive Handle

K Sabatier 12" Slicer 'Authentique' Carbon Steel - Olive Handle


K Sabatier 'Authentique' series 12" slicer knife. XC75 carbon steel blade with riveted olive wood handle.

K Sabatier’s ‘Authentique series carbon knives are drop forged from a single piece of XC75 and tempered to 54-56 HRC. They are ground extra thin behind the edge for awesome cutting feel, are easy to sharpen and have good toughness, a great all around workhorse. Carbon steel will develop a patina, and rust if left wet. Dry immediately after use, never soak or put in the dishwasher. Rust can be removed with a light abrasive.

Please note, these can have cosmetic scratches or small imperfections in handles which will not impede the performance of the knife. This is par for the course on these knives and is part of how they sell them for a very reasonable price. 

Since 1834, K Sabatier has been the dedicated brand of Sabatier Aine & Perrier, a family cutlery business started by Philippe Sabatier in the early 1800’s. The business has been passed down 8 generations, and has remained located in the hills of Thiers, France in the village of Bellevue. They continue to run their company with pride and precision, keeping all aspects of the manufacturing process within the area of Thiers.

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