Rustichella - Farro Spaghetti - 500g

Rustichella - Farro Spaghetti - 500g


Farro is considered the oldest variety of cultivated wheat. It was already consumed in the Neolithic and has been the basic food in Roman times for a very long time it has been forgotten, and now Rustichella d’Abruzzo has been milling it following the ancient tradition, through millstones, in order to preserve the germ, which is rich in nutrients. Farro has been rediscovered over the years thanks to its excellent organoleptic features and its low caloric intake and high digestibility.

Ingredients:  Organic whole spelled flour, water.
Product of Italy


Rustichella d’Abruzzo trears making pasta as an ancient art, honoring the historical and cultural heritage of Italy. They are a world-recognized brand that focuses on quality of ingredients and exceptional detail during the pasta making process. 


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