Sakai Kikumori Nihonkou 180mm Petty Carbon Steel
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Sakai Kikumori Nihonkou 180mm Petty Carbon Steel


Sakai Kikumori's Nihonkou line are reasonably priced factory made carbon steel knives with a carbon content of .95%, hardened to approx 63 HRC.

Thin SK mono-steel blades cut very nicely with their thin profile and are super easy to sharpen and get a nice edge that holds well. They are ideal for the professional or home cook who is looking for a great workhorse with easy sharpen-ability.

Sometimes, SK family steels are viewed as inferior to more refined Japanese carbon steels like shirogami or aogami. However, when making single steel knives, SK has its advantages. SK steel rusts slower than many other carbon steels and has a good toughness, which benefits a thin mono steel knife.

This is a non-stainless carbon steel, it should be mentioned that extra care is required, it should be washed and dried immediately after use. It will develop a dark patina with usage, but any orange rust should be removed with a light abrasive.

Sakai Kikumori was started in 1926 and draws on Sakai's 600 year history as the major center of traditional Japanese cutlery manufacturing. They work with a large variety of Sakai's best smiths, sharpeners and small factories to offer a wide variety of knives ranging from traditional materials and styles to more modern, western influenced styles and materials.


Steel Type SK Tool Steel
Handle Material Pakka Wood
Weight 94 grams
Height at Heel 30mm
Overall Length 295mm
Cutting Edge Length 183mm
HRC 63



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