Sharp - Josh Donald

Sharp - Josh Donald


Written by Josh Donald and Molly Gore with photography by Molly DeCoudreaux.

Sharp is an introduction to culinary knives; history, sharpening and knife skills with San Francisco chefs Melissa Perillo, Traci des Jardins, Stuart Brioza, Loretta Keller, Jesse Koide, Sean Thomas, Koichi Ishii, Nick Balla and Harry Kongvongxay, Armando Maes, Melissa Reitz & Troy Wilcox, and Chris Kronner.

Sharp travels from Thiers France to Solingen Germany to Sakai, Tsubame-Sanjo and Kyoto and back to Santa Fe, NM to make knives with Shehan Prull.  Ending back home in San Francisco for sharpening with Josh Donald and a look at knife skills and recipes from San Francisco chefs and members of the Bernal Cutlery staff.


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