Windmühlenmesser Series 1922 8.75" Flexible Tranchelard - on order
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Windmühlenmesser Series 1922 8.75" Flexible Tranchelard - on order


The '1922' mid-pointed 8.75" flexible carbon slicer blade with walnut handle.

The '1922' Tranchelard is a flexible, mid-pointed slicer well suited for filleting fish or slicing other proteins. These knives have been made to commemorate the 140th year anniversary at Windmuehlenmesser, and are identical to represent original craftsmanship in 1922; the 'Golden Times'. These knives are die-forged with a small, classic bolster, dry fine-ground, and blue glazed by hand. Made with high-grade carbon steel, they have a hardness of 60 HRC and are handled with walnut wood, hand-shaped and sanded.

Robert Herder Windmuehlenmesser knives are hand-made in Solingen, Germany, utilizing old hand-work techniques. The fine, hand-ground blades are extremely light and thin and offer a great cutting feel that is not possible with chunky, mechanized-ground blades. There is no excess steel on the blades, and the slight convexity makes for reduced friction and sticking during cutting. Robert Herder Windmuehlenmesser have worked hard to establish an apprentice program at their workshop, where they’ve preserved old techniques that have nearly disappeared from Solingen.

Carbon steel requires care to keep from rusting; it should be dried immediately after use and never left soaking or wet. Carbon steel gets sharper and holds its edge longer than stainless.

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