Choosing the right edge geometry and finish are key in producing a sharp and durable edge for the desired use of the knife

Bernal Cutlery specializes in wet grinding and Japanese whetstone sharpening using techniques that provide edges suited for the steel and knife or tool type. We can adjust edge geometry and blade thinness if necessary to provide improved geometry for sharpened in knives.

Turn around time varies for our sharpening service depending on how much work we have in. We tend to stay very busy even with several full time sharpeners working but we are happy to offer loaner knives when available. We also offer an expedited rush turnaround for an extra 50% fee, this is typically same day service.

If you are a professional cook or culinary student we can schedule your knives for rush service at the regular rate with one weeks notice, please be prepared to prove you use your knives or tools as part of your trade.

For all information about our COVID hours, shop status and sharpening dropoff times, visit this link here.

Prices, Drop Offs, and Turnaround Times

$1 per inch for horizontal Japanese whetstone wheel and stropping
$1.50 per inch Japanese whetstone finish, 2000-8000 synthetic finish or natural honyama stone when applicable.
$7 and up for folding knives
*Additional charge for bolster or re-shaping if needed.

Garden Tools
$12 hand pruners and shears
$18-$22 loppers and hedge clippers
$25 push mowers – please bring to 766 Valencia Street only

Traditional Japanese Single Bevel or Scandinavian grind
$3 an inch (starting price)

Scissors & Shears
$5-$10 craft
$10-$35 fabric

Mail-In and Outside Drop-Offs

UPDATE: 5/18/2020

Bernal Cutlery is accepting MAIL-IN sharpening again!

Mail-in Sharpening Instructions:
Please include a mail-in sharpening form (found below) with your package.  Take a moment to read the instructions illustrating how to safely pack your knives.  When we receive your package, we will contact you with sharpening prices/rates.  Domestic shipping is $10 and International shipping is $25.

Please make sure to follow these COVID-19 cleanliness rules before sending us your knives to help protect our staff and facilities.

1)  Please clean your knives completely with soap and water.

2) Wrap knives in newspaper or a towel or cardboard for safe travel with extra padding. We recommend wrapping multiple knives together with handles on either side to protect the tips from damage when shipping. See diagram. Do NOT wrap knives individually.

3)  Please fill out the MAIL IN SHARPENING FORM. We will contact you when they arrive and give you a quote and turn around time.

4)  When the knives are completed they will be clean and wrapped in paper.

5)  We will contact you via your preferred method and an invoice will be sent via email. 

Bernal Cutlery is also accepting Local OUTSIDE Drop-Offs (SAN FRANCISCO ONLY) at this social distancing time. Please click the link below and follow all instructions.

COVID-19 – Sharpening Drop Off Form and Instructions (Hover and click the link)

Sharpening by appointment available for food, landscaping, textile and other industry professionals whose cutting tools are in daily use. Contact or call (415) 355-0773 for more information. Bernal Cutlery is not responsible for knives left after 90 days.

Photo by Molly DeCoudreaux