Intro to Natto: Making a Japanese Superfood at Home

Natto is one of the world’s healthiest foods and in recent years, this Japanese secret to long life has been discovered and increasingly appreciated by people outside of Japan.

In this class you will learn about the history and the specific health benefits of this amazing food, learn how to make batches of it in your own home, and taste various ways to eat it. Cooking demonstrations will also be done to showcase natto as an ingredient in several dishes. You will go home with dried soybeans specific for natto with a starter to get you going and with knowledge on how you too can live forever like the Japanese. 

Please bring a beverage of your choice to cleanse your palate between tastings. 

Please let instructor know ahead of the class if you have any food allergies. Soy, gluten and egg will be served, but accommodations can be made. 

$100 per person - approximately 90 min duration
Class Size: 8 people 
Time: Second Monday of each Month at 6:30pm. Email Sachi to Register
Private classes can also be arranged
Classes are run separately from our retail shop. Bernal Cutlery Gift Cards are not applicable to the classes. Please direct any inquires regarding schedule, cancellations, gifting classes, etc. directly to the instructor.

Sachi is a buyer for the Japanese market, translator, and a cultural liaison for Bernal Cutlery. Most importantly, she hails from Mito, Japan, the city known as the Capital of Natto, where there is in fact a bronze statue of natto in front of the train station and the city mascot is an anime natto character. Sachi is also a mental health therapist specializing in trauma, and a mom of two boys who fight over who got more natto at dinner every night.

Please email Sachi directly to register or with any questions or requests.