Sharpening Services

Please see our Hours & Location page for the most up-to-date drop off schedule, turnaround times & procedures. 

Choosing the right edge geometry and finish are key in producing a sharp and durable edge for the desired use of the knife.

Bernal Cutlery specializes in wet grinding and Japanese whetstone sharpening using techniques that provide edges specifically suited for the knife or tool, factoring in its steel type. We can adjust edge geometry and blade thinness if necessary to provide improved geometry for increased performance.

Turn around time varies for our sharpening service depending on how much work we have in. We tend to stay very busy even with several full time sharpeners working but we are happy to offer loaner knives when available. We also offer an expedited rush turnaround for an extra 50% fee. The turnaround time for this service is at the discretion of the sharpeners and the queue for the day. (see COVID Updates)

If you are a professional cook or culinary student we can schedule your knives for rush service at the regular rate with one weeks notice, please be prepared to prove you use your knives or tools as part of your trade. (see COVID Updates)

You will be contacted via email with an invoice when your order is complete and ready for pickup. We are not responsible for sharpening orders left over 90 days.

Sharpening Rates


Kitchen Knives:
  • Western stainless steel knives: $1 per inch
    • Includes Japanese whetstone wheel and stropping.
  • Japanese double bevel knives: $2.00 per inch (starting price)
    • Includes japanese whetstone finish, 2000-8000 synthetic finish or natural honyama stone when applicable.
  • Serrated knives: $2.00 per inch
  • Japanese Single Bevel or Scandinavian grinds: $4 per inch (starting price)
Straight Razors

$25-35 per razor. Finished on a #10,000 stone followed by fine razor strop.

Pocket & Outdoor Knives
  • Folding knives: $10 and up
  • Fixed blades: $12 and up
Garden Tools
  • Hand pruners: $12
  • Loppers, shears, and hedge clippers: $18-22
  • Machetes & Bush Knives: $1-3 per inch (depending on condition)
  • Push mowers blades: $30 – by appointment only, please call us to schedule a day. 415.355.0773.
Scissors & Shears
  • Kitchen & craft: $10-20
  • Fabric: $15-35
Extra Work: Assessed at drop off or during sharpening as needed. Contact for approval will be made prior to starting any extra work that was not previously addressed.
  • Re-shape chef knife bolster: $3-10
  • Re-shape edge / re-profile: $5-25
  • Re-tipping or chip repair: $5-20
  • Thinning and resurfacing: $25 and up


*Cleaning fee for dirty knives is $5 per knife.

*Bernal Cutlery is not responsible for items left over 90 days.


Mail-In Sharpening

We offer mail-in sharpening for customers wherever they may be. To send your knives to us, please do the following:

  • Print and fill out the Mail-in Sharpening Form. Please be sure to fill out the form completely. If you do not have a printer, please transcribe all information from the form onto a separate piece of paper.
  • Wrap your knives securely in a material that we can throw away. Do not send towels as they will not be sent back. Do not apply tape directly to the knives, blades or handles. Pack in a well padded box and send to:
Bernal Cutlery
Attn: Mail-in Sharpening
766 Valencia Street
San Fransisco CA 94110
  • After we receive the package, we will contact you to offer an estimate of the work that needs to be done.
  • Upon completion, you will be sent an invoice for the work +$10 for shipping ($25 for international).
  • After payment, we will ship the order back to you with shipping insurance coverage for the value stated on your form. You will receive tracking information as well.
  • Standard sharpening rates apply; we are not responsible for any damage occurred during shipment.


Reach out to with any questions.