Trade-Ins | Appraisals

Trade Ins

If you have high quality cutlery that you don’t use anymore, you can inquire about a trade in for store credit. Come by the shop to have us take a look and offer a quote for store credit based on the current condition of the knife. Be prepared to leave the knife with us depending on the staff present. Please allow a few days to work on a quote for more rare/unique knives. Offers are based on a percentage of retail resale value, not the going rate on the secondary direct to buyer market.

If you live far away, send an email to with a few detailed photos with the following information for most accurate initial quote:

  • Maker and model
  • Original retailer
  • Retail price paid
  • Highlight usage (sharpening and volume) and imperfections.

We will take a look and give an estimate of the trade-in value. All remote quotes are subject to a final inspection upon arrival and we reserve the right to adjust the quote based on unforeseen condition. Include all original packaging if available.

Once quoted, send them to:

Bernal Cutlery
c/o Trade-ins
766 Valencia Street
San Francisco CA 94110

Please pack the knives well and we strongly suggest sending with shipping insurance coverage. We are not responsible for knives lost or damaged during shipment.

We decline Shun, Miyabi, Global, Kamikoto and other widely available brands. Yanagi and Honyaki knives will be declined if bent even after initial quotation.

Please know that we often cannot offer values seen on direct secondary markets.

We are unable to perform in-store appraisals during weekend hours. You can drop them off to be evaluated the following week.


Bernal Cutlery’s Josh Donald offers appraisals of vintage and antique knives, both individual pieces and large collections, including for auction houses. Appraisals include history and current approximate value, are available by email only, and begin at $25/knife. Appraisal fee can be recouped in the instance that we purchase the knife.

Please email to arrange for an appraisal; make sure to include pictures of each knife, front and back, clearly showing makers mark if possible.