How does shipping work?

We fill all online orders in the order that they are received. We use a third-party shipping agency that picks up from the shop every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning. They perform the final packing and shipping of orders. Orders are usually processed with tracking information sent out the same day or early the following day. During times of high order volume, processing can be delayed by 24-48 hours. Certain items, including but not limited to, western kitchen knives, pocket knives, outdoor knives, and Tosa knives, are sharpened prior to being shipped out. This can sometimes delay shipping. This also applies to orders with special arrangements and requests.

Orders do not include shipping insurance coverage and signature confirmation on delivery by default. This is a selectable addition to the standard shipping rate at checkout.

The shipping rate with Insurance and Signature confirmation must be selected and paid for to have these features included on the shipment. Any order sent without signature confirmation and insurance will be sent at the risk of the buyer. We do not hold any responsibility over packages that go missing, stolen, lost or damaged at the fault of the carrier. We have been generally willing, but are not obligated to help with recovery or resolution. Orders sent with insurance coverage and signature confirmation are eligible for refund or replacement in the same instances. There is no option for signature without insurance or vice versa.

Orders under $150

  • $8 without Insurance and Signature Confirmation
  • $15 with Insurance and Signature Confirmation

Orders $150-500

  • Free without Insurance and Signature Confirmation
  • $10 with Insurance and Signature Confirmation

Orders over $500

  • Free Shipping with Insurance and Signature Confirmation
  • Contact us to ship orders over $500 without Insurance and Signature Confirmation

Shipping on non-standard, large, and/or heavy items are subject to additional charges with the option for Insurance and Signature Confirmation. These charges are calculated automatically at checkout. 

International orders, Fedex, and UPS selected orders are not currently eligible for insurance options, but we're working on it. 

Please direct any questions regarding this policy to info@bernalcutlery.com

Once a package leaves our shop and is processed by our third party shipping company, you will receive tracking information. From this point on, Bernal Cutlery will not be responsible for tracking, redirecting, finding, locating, inquiring about a package held at the local post office, or calling USPS for more information. If for some reason you don’t receive tracking information you can email us at info@bernalcutlery.com and we will send you the link. USPS will be able to assist you further if you have additional questions.  1-800-ASK-USPS® (1-800-275-8777) - Customs International phone number: (202) 325-8000 - https://help.cbp.gov

If something goes wrong on our end, we will do our best to get it figured out, but please understand that it could take additional time, and we will not discount the item due to human error. We will not charge the buyer additional shipping to get it back to the original address.

What shipping services do you use?

USPS is our default standard shipping service used for Free Shipping, $12 Domestic and International shipments and is automatically applied. We offer a calculation based rate for FedEx services on international orders. This option can be selected at checkout. We retain the option to use a shipping service other than USPS for standard domestic shipments at the discretion of our shipping agent for large, heavy or unusual orders. Opt-ed in insurance and signature coverage can be transferred and applied in the case a change in carrier is made.


How long does it take to be delivered?

Standard USPS domestic services will generally arrive in 3-7 business days from the time you receive your shipping confirmation and tracking information. Delivery timelines and handling depend on the destination and the efficiency of local post offices. 


What do I do if my package is delayed, arrives damaged or never shows up?

We understand the disappointment in not receiving your order on time (we order stuff online too), but we do not take responsibility for shipping delays or mishandling by the shipping carriers. We will do everything that we can to help you in finding your package or providing assistance and documentation for filing a claim with the carrier. For shipping insurance claims on damage or missing packages on eligible orders, please see below.

If your package's tracking is showing a significant delay or has not been updated in several days, please do the following:

USPS: File a Mail Inquiry. This is the new equivalent to calling USPS. Once filed, a representative will contact you and will give you assistance in finding your package. Packages generally arrive shortly after the help request is made.

FedEx: contact their Support Team

Please follow the above steps before contacting us as we are only privileged to the same tracking information offered to you.


If your items arrive damaged:

USPS: Retain all packing materials including any damaged outer packaging. Take photos of all damage, significant or otherwise, on both the packaging and products. Send and email with your order number and all significant photos to info@bernalcutlery.com. We will review the information for best resolution and/or will start the filing process for a shipping insurance claim on eligible orders. This can take up to 2 weeks to process.


If your items are determined to be missing or irretrievable:

Both USPS and FedEx should provide a statement that your package has been lost. Please email info@bernalcutlery.com with a copy of this statement for our review and to be provided to the shipping insurance underwriter for the insurance claim where applicable. 

Shipping insurance requires that all missing package claims be made no earlier that 45 days (domestic) and 60 days (international) from shipment date prior to making a claim. This is to allow ample time for late packages to arrive, which they generally do. Shipping insurance claims cannot be submitted after 120 days from shipment.

We will do our best to provide like-for-like replacement items if they are available at the time the claims are finalized. We will provide suitable replacements refunds for any items that we are unable to replace once the claim has been processed.


Do you ship internationally?

Yup. Heavy packages will be subject to additional shipping fees (e.g., Chef's Presses, Stones, Books, etc.). We are subject to some shipping restrictions, however. This have mostly been for destinations in South America, Northern Africa, and Western Asia.

If you do not see your country listed in the drop down menu of countries at checkout, email info@bernalcutlery.com to see if it is one that can be added.

If you think your country may be under shipping restrictions, please refer to USPS's International Service Disruptions list prior to contacting us. If you still have questions, contact info@bernalcutlery.com.

Though unusual, please allow up to 60 days for arrival on delayed packages.


How do I use my Bernal Cutlery gift card online?

We have recently launched a new website that does not support our former Square branded gift cards for online purchases.

If you bought or received a gift card purchased before November 4, 2020, please do the following:

  • Create a customer account if you don't already have one and login.

  • Contact info@bernalcutlery.com with a photo of the back of the gift card with the entire number clearly shown.

  • You will be issued a new gift card code that can be applied at checkout.

It may take up to 48 hrs for a new code to be issued. Thank you for your patience.


How do I sign up for the Industry List?

The industry list allows people who work in the food industry to get a 10% discount on most purchases and the ability to sign up for industry sharpening appointments.

  • Create a customer account if you don't already have one.

  • If you already have already registered for our industry list (most likely in person at one of our locations), please log into your account and enter "INDUSTRY" at checkout to receive the discount. For discounts on in-store purchases, please let us know you are on the list. If you get an error, please continue with the instructions below.

  • Fill out the Industry List Form with your name and email as it appears on your account, along with some sort of proof of industry employment attached. This includes, but is not limited to:

Redacted paystub
Name tag
Photo of you at work

    We will let you know when you have been added to the industry list and you will be able to enter INDUSTRY at checkout to have the discount applied. Emails sent without complete information or proof of employment may be ignored. Please allow up to 48 hrs to be added to the list.


      Can I pickup orders or drop off knives for sharpening at the Oakland Location?

      Our Oakland shop is closed permanently. We are only accepting in-store pick-ups and sharpening drop-offs at our Mission District, San Fransisco location.


      Do you sharpen serrated knives?

      Yup. See Sharpening Services for more info.