Futana SB

Soft stainless clad aogami super carbon steel with matte polished migaki finish with a slightly convex grind on the face of the blade. This factory forged series is very affordable compared to the higher end aogami super knives with more hand work. This treatment of aogami super can be sharpened at a variety of finishes depending to the user's taste, but we find it does great in the 4K finish range.

Aogami super is a carbon steel made by Yasugi Specialty Steels for Hitachi and like other aogami series steels (#2, #1 and super) is alloyed with tungsten with makes for good edge retention, the addition of vanadium in aogami super makes for more wear resistance and gives aogami super a long cutting duration. Like other steels it can have different personalities at different treatments.