Rates & Services

We specialize in wet grinding and Japanese whetstone sharpening using techniques that provide edges specifically suited for the knife or tool, factoring in its steel type. We will adjust edge geometry and blade thinness if necessary to provide improved geometry for increased performance.

We offer walk-in service for the general public and appointments for industry professionals.

Turn around time varies for our sharpening service depending on how much work we have in our queue. We tend to stay very busy even with several full time sharpeners working, and we are happy to offer loaner knives as needed when available.

You will be contacted via text when your order is complete and ready for pickup. We are not responsible for sharpening orders left over 90 days.

Our current turnaround time is approximately 2 weeks for standard service. Rush service is typically 48-72 hours depending on volume of work. Thinning work is ineligible for Rush Service.

Please clean your knives prior to drop off. Dirty knives will be assessed a $5 per knife cleaning fee.


Kitchen Knives

Western Stainless Steel Knives - Standard: $1.25 per inch / Rush: $2 per inch

- Includes Japanese whetstone wheel and stropping

Japanese Double Bevel Knives - Standard $2.50 per inch / Rush: $3.75

- Includes Japanese whetstone hand finish, 2000-8000 synthetic finish or natural honyama stone when applicable

Serrated Knives - Standard: $2.50 per inch / Rush: $3.75

Japanese Single Bevel & Scandinavian grinds - Standard: $4.50 per inch / Rush $6.75


Pocket & Outdoor Knives

Basic Sharpening:
Folding knives: $10+ ea. (Rush: $15)

Fixed blades: $15+ ea. (Rush: $22.50)

Knives are subject to additional cost based on condition and blade style and will be assessed at intake.


Garden Tools

Hand pruners: $12

Loppers, shears, hedge clippers: $18+

Machetes, Bush knives: $1-3 per inch (depending on condition)

Push mowers blades: $30

- By appointment only, please call us to schedule 415-355-0773


Scissors & Shears

Kitchen & Craft: $10+

Fabric & Pinking Shears: $15+


Straight Razors

$35+ per razor 


Repair Work & Extra Services

Assessed at drop off or during sharpening as needed. Contact for approval will be made prior to starting any extra work that was not previously addressed.

  • Re-shape chef knife bolster: $5+
  • Re-shape edge / re-profile: $5+
  • Re-tipping or chip repair: $5+
  • Rust Removal & buffing: $5+
  • Thinning and resurfacing: $30+. Not eligible for RUSH Service
  • Knife cleaning fee for dirty knives is $5 per knife.

*We do not work on any hygienic tools.


Reach out to info@bernalcutlery.com with questions.


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