Naozumi Chukka Bocho Chinese Cleaver Carbon

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Size | 180mm

Chukka bocho or Japanese style Chinese cleaver with SK carbon steel blade and rosewood handle, great for vegetables and boneless meat. While the term ‘Chinese cleaver’ is used for this general style of knife “Chinese chef knife’ might be better as these are not heavy like a butcher’s cleaver and are not suited for hitting bones.

Thin SK mono-steel blades cut very nicely with their thin profile and are super easy to sharpen and get a nice edge that holds well. They are ideal for the professional or home cook who is looking for a great workhorse with easy sharpen-ability.

Sometimes among comparisons of Japanese carbon steels SK family steels are viewed as inferior to more refined shirogami or aogami however when making single steel knives SK has its advantages. SK steel rusts slower than many other carbon steels like aogami or shirogami and has a good toughness which benefits a thin mono steel knife.

This is a non-stainless carbon steel, it should be mentioned that extra care is required, it should be washed and dried immediately after use. It will develop a dark patina with usage, but any orange rust should be removed with a light abrasive.

Please note, these can have cosmetic scratches or small imperfections in handles which will not impede the performance of the knife. This is par for the course on these knives and is part of how they sell them for a very reasonable price.

180mm has 180mm cutting edge, 89mm at widest point of blade 282mm overall length 286.5 grams

220mm 225mm cutting edge, 91mm at widest point of blade 335mm overall length 441.5 grams

Brand: Naozumi
Producing Area: Seki, Japan
Profile: Chukka Bocho
Grind: Convex
Blade Type: Mono Carbon Steel
Steel Type: SK Tool Steel
Handle: Rosewood
Hand Orientation: Slight Right
HRC: 63

Total Length: 282mm
Handle Length: 98mm
Handle to Tip Length: 180mm
Blade Height: 82mm
Edge Length: 180mm
Thickness: 2.4mm
Weight: 286g

Total Length: 335mm
Handle Length: 111mm
Handle to Tip Length: 225mm
Blade Height: 91mm
Edge Length: 225mm
Thickness: 2.91mm
Weight: 441g

*Measurements are taken from random sample
Actual measurements may vary.

This is a carbon steel knife. Carbon steel is expected to develop a dark patina with use. It needs to be hand washed and dried immediately after use. Do not air dry. Do not put it in the dishwasher. Long exposure to moisture and debris will result in rust. Any rust development should be removed with a light abrasive.

Twisting, scraping, and heavy use, as well as use on hard and very dense objects can lead to edge damage. Use on a quality wooden cutting board will help the knife stay sharper for longer. Use on hard surfaces like plates and bamboo will reduce the edge life and can result in edge damage. Special attention needs to be taken to prevent edge damage. Scraping, twisting and forceful as well as using on hard or very dense foods can result in chipping.

We recommend hand sharpening on whetstones. We have found that most Japanese knives perform best at a finer finish starting around 4000. Avoid pull through sharpeners and non-water cooled mechanized sharpening. Ceramic honing rods are preferred.

Naozumi Chukka Bocho Chinese Cleaver...

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